Tilt Shift Project – Location One

Here are two shots that I took at the Soo Canal. Think they will look good when I get a Soo Locks Tour Boat to go through  🙂


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Summer is here!

Time to dust off that camera and get clicking 🙂 And stop using facebook for my photo’s….it just seems so artificial at times making albums on there. I have a great idea that I’m working on for the next month. How about a typical day in the Sault through a tilt-shift lens? I have a few places in mind to start shooting, anyone know of any places in the downtown area that’s above the street level that I can take over for an hour or so? 🙂 More to come soon 🙂

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No more snow

I don’t know about everyone else, but I just don’t like taking pictures during the snowy months of the year. I know you can get beautiful pictures of snow falling, or tree’s full of the white puffiness….but I just couldn’t really care for it.  But, the snow is gone, the temperatures are rising, and my camera is dusted off. Added to the fact that I’m in my last month of school for this semester (3 more years to go!), I’m getting the itch again to snap away. I also have a very cool project for my hometown here too. I’ll be postsing more details here and on my Facebook page regarding it.

Thanks everyone!

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Beautiful Views at Ranger Lake




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It’s about time

To post some new pics.  I really don’t like the winter that much, all the pictures you take are white, and it’s cold, and I don’t like the cold  🙂

Now that Spring is here, time to get cracking

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Winter Skies


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