The old sawmill in Searchmont, Ontario has a lot of historical significance.  It was one of the only reasons why Searchmont came to be.


My grandfather worked there since moving from Finland.  He worked as a lumberjack first, ferrying down the logs down the goulais river.  He then moved into the mill and started working in there.

It was a sad day for the residents of Searcmont when the original company sold to a sawmill company in town who’s only reason to purchase it was for the timber rights.  The company came in and cut every single electrical wire, water pipes, support systems, and completely destroyed all the equipment.

My dad and uncle tried to put an offer in to purchase it away to keep it for historical significance, but they were too late at as it was already being gutted.  Now, it stands in disrepair and partially burnt down from vandalism

The smoke stack and water tower still stand though and can be seen coming into Searcmont.  As a kid, I remember my dad, brother, and I playing a game to see who could see them first.



This is a series of pictures of the old sawmill.  Next time I’m up there and if the weather co-operates, I’ll take some pictures of the outside.

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