Rate Information

Email me at for a free quote for your special event, wedding, or photo shoot.  Please state where your event will be and the length of time that you will require me (minimum 1 hour).  If you are unsure of where you want your pictures done, I can definately help you with ideas and places to go.


Prints  (Matte or Glossy)

4×6            $0.50                              5×7           $1.50

8×10          $4.00                              8×12         $4.00




Black and White Prints:                                      $  Free

Colourized Black and White or Sepia Prints:   $5.00 additional per print


Toning or Photo Aging:                                      $1.00 additional per print


HDR Imaging:                                                     $5.00


DVD with all proofs:                                           $15.00

DVD or CD slideshow w/wo Music                  $25.00

Photo Retouching:                                              $20.00 per picture


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